Friday, October 26, 2007

Blessed Be, My Father

On October 8, 2007 my father left me...

It took me all this time to even write and blog my thoughts as those days following his passing were a muck. I had too many ideas that I wanted to flesh out. There was just too many things all cramming in the pea size of a brain I had in such a short time; not to mention my emotional state.

Dad had been suffering for the last 5 years now and perhaps it's even selfish of me to hang on to him; to that sense of assurance, security and surety in this world by clinging on to him for just one more day knowing that for every day that passes, another day is added to his suffering. But Dad has always been the strong one. He has always been the sure one whereas I, the youngest in a family of 3 would always be the one who would look up and ask in order to make sure I got it right. At the same time when I would want to have my way, I would also be the brat and give dad a piece of my mind...ah yes, the arrogance of youth.

But I've mellowed down since then and grown a little more patient and wiser I think. And it's just bittersweet that Dad won't be with us this Christmas; that I wasn't able to finish the book that I am still writing, of which the 1st draft I gave to him last year as his birthday present. Heck, I wasn't even there when he left us during a recent family trip in Hong Kong as I had to come back to Manila to prepare his medicine to be sent back and also accompany my nephew and niece and family back home.

He knew that I loved music. He knew how I am a changed person when I'm singing on stage and giving in to my passion. But what he didn't know was, that I am now part of a new vocal group that just finished recording its first Christmas single and slated for a November release. We were planning to have special launch for just family and friends and are gearing up to do that once the album is finished. And it was supposed to be my Christmas surprise for him.

But alas, I was the one who was surprised...or rather the family was the one who got surprised when dad relinquished his hold on this world and departed for the next. I know now that he knows everything and that even my plans that were dormant are now revealed to him and so perhaps it doesn't matter as much.

But wherever you are Dad, I thank you.

I thank you for taking me in. I thank you for the money you spent on my education. I thank you for assuring me that all will be well; for telling me not to be afraid to make a decision; to hold on to the good times; to never compromise my values; to never be wasteful and to never give up.

I thank you for appreciating in your own way the creativity that I have and even pushed me to share it with others. I thank you that early on you validated that creative spark in me when I didn't even know it was there. And because of that here I am, able to do what I do today.

So many things more that I wanted to say and thank you for. But I know that I should not mourn your passing too much. Instead as your son, let me celebrate instead the life that you led; by giving credence and validation to the good values that you have taught us. And the only way to do that is to live our lives as fruitful and meaningful as we can.

I know now that my work lies ahead of me. I also know that I have an extra guardian angel watching over me and that should I need your strength, assurance, guidance, wisdom and love; all I need to ask you and remember the times that we had together.

I know I shall meet him again and perhaps when I do, he'd even be able to dictate and read back this blog to me word for word.

I shall finish the book in your name and continue to do my little bit of good in this world for you have done so much good as well. And you already started that by being my Dad.

I Love you Dad.

Irronmith D'ethenedren

your son, Casey

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A "HEROES" Thank You

Early Saturday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Ballroom 20 was stuffed to capacity for what moderator Jeph Loeb called the "'Heroes' Thank You."

Rumor has it that even "Heroes" staff writer Bryan Fuller could not be admitted after the doors were closed. At last year's Comic-Con, "Heroes" debuted the 72-minute "Heroes" pilot, and the cast and crew of the show said the success they're enjoying now is due in no small part to the fans who watched the pilot last year and spread the word.

Loeb first brought out panelist Jack Coleman (HRG a.k.a. Noah Bennett), who was sporting a white t-shirt with the word "I'm just a paper salesman" hastily scrawled across the front. Next up was Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), followed by Greg Grunberg (Parkman), the latter wearing a custom-made t-shirt reading "Milo is my hero." Then Loeb brought out Ali Larter (Niki/Jessica) and James Kyson Lee. Masi Oka (Hiro) came out wearing a custom "Hayden is my Hero" t-shirt, and the cheerleader herself, Hayden Panettiere was hot on his heels. Then Adrian Pasdar (Nathan), Zachary Quinto (Sylar) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) took the stage, followed by new Season 2 cast member Dania Ramieriez (Maya). The last to take the stage were Milo Ventimiglia (Peter), artist Tim Sale and series creator and executive producer Tim Kring.

Kring kicked off the panel with a heartfelt thank-you to all of the fans who supported the young show at last year's Comic-Con. Loeb then announced the winner of's "Heroes" Graphic Novel Contest (Andrew Chandler). Loeb also told the assembled fans that Ubisoft is currently working on a "Heroes" video game. And with that, Loeb opened up the floor to Q&A.

First up, a fan professed his and his wife's love for Greg Grunberg's character.

"Yes, I swing," the actor responded without skipping a beat. (Hmmmmmmm)

One audience member asked the cast to sound off on their best memories from season 1. Grunberg liked playing future, badass Parkman, Hayden cited the scene in the first-season finale when she jumped out the window, and Coleman said his favorite moment was episode 11, when he went from a guest star to a series regular.

"You wanted more HRG, you got more HRG," Loeb said.

Loeb took a moment to single out the writing and directing staff in the audience, who stood to an ovation from the crowd.

"This show happens in the writers' room first," Kring said. He went on to describe himself and the rest of the show's writers as a "league of heroic scribblers."

Throughout the first season, supplemental graphic-novel content by artist Tim Sale was posted on the "Heroes" Web site at Loeb announced that this fall, Wildstorm would be releasing a collection of all the online material, and gave the audience a peek at cover images by Alex Ross and Him Lee.

As an aside, Grunberg blurted out, "Being this close to Sendhil, he is gorgeous." Then Ramamurthy planted what appeared to be a wet kiss on his fellow cast member's lips. (Yeow! HOT!)

Next up, Kring addressed "Heroes: Origins," the six episode spin-off that will air over six consecutive weeks starting in April of next year. Each episode will be stand-alone and feature a new hero coming to terms with their powers. Since participating in "Origins" only requires a one-episode commitment, Kring has compiled a short list of ideal writers and directors they'd like to bring into the "Heroes" family.

Then, they made an announcement which apparently surprised even the cast: Kevin Smith had signed on to do an episode. Smith then took the stage himself, and recounted his first conversation with Kring about the opportunity.

"I'd love to write and direct an episode about the two gay heroes," Smith had told Kring. "The Japanese dudes, they're gay, right?"

Smith said having the opportunity to write and direct an episode of "Origins" was an honor: He and his wife had plowed through the first season.

"I just don't wanna be the guy that ruins 'Heroes,'" Smith admitted.

Grunberg, who is a childhood friend of writer/director J.J. Abrams, volunteered Abrams' as another option to helm an episode of "Origins."

Then actor Danny Bonaduce took the Q&A microphone and asked if the cast members "live and die" by each script. The answer was a resounding yes.

"It keeps you on your toes," Larter said.

"When they cancel your hit show, your life kind of sucks for a while," Bonaduce warned.

In the past, Pasdar has heralded Nathan Petrelli as more evil than his amoral character Profit from a show of the same name. One fan asked if Pasdar still felt that way after Nathan's self-sacrificing act of redemption in the season one finale.

"One has a moral code, the other is a politician," Pasdar, the husband of Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines, reiterated.

Another fan accused Hiro and Ando of being the "least traditionally masculine" heroes on the show.

"Wait until season two," Oka teased.

When asked if Uluru, the rock monster that graced the cover of an early issue of the comic "9th Wonders," would be making an appearance in the show proper, Kring said the monster only existed in the pages of the comic book.

"This show doesn't posit an ending," Kring said, when asked how long the series would run. Shows like "Lost," to which "Heroes" is oft compared, have a built-in end point, but "Heroes" is open-ended, he said.

One female fan asked if we could expect to see strong female characters who aren't cheerleaders or strippers. Loeb promised that new cast-member Ramirez's character fits that bill. And Kring pointed out that even Claire and Niki grew and evolved by the end of the first season.

Before it was revealed that Peter Petrelli was Claire's uncle, many "Heroes" fans wanted to see those two characters get together. One fan asked if there was still any chance of that happening.

"Not only are we related, but my character's younger than me," Panettiere said. Ventimiglia believes the two characters share a strong bond, but neither actors foresees it turning into a romance.

Kring got in the last word. He said the huge, diverse community that has grown out of the show's fan base is "all a metaphor for what the show's really about." In a few months' time, he said, Kring intends to start a dialogue with the audience about how to channel that passion and commitment into acts of philanthropy.

The cast and crew are still early in the production of season two, but fans were treated to a brief trailer for the upcoming season. Highlights include a scene between Parkman and Molly Walker in which she is accosted by the malevolent figure she alluded to at the end of Season 1, and a scene in which Claire appears to be about to cut off her own toe.

Everyone in the audience walked away with two "Heroes" convention exclusives: an issue of the "Heroes" comic, and the first-run packaging for the first season of "Heroes" on DVD.

Season two of "Heroes" premiers on September 24th.

-------------------YATTA!!!!------------------------ (of course, I just had to add this)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

BALROG Dictionary

This started from a conversation I had with Nick about movies and missing the recent Pirates flick; of which I added that I should be in a "right" frame of mind watching the movie for I slept through the latter part of the 2nd movie. Was just too tired then. I was out like a light in the cinema. The word I used to describe me then was.."BORLOG!!!" That started it all. (we were both laughing like crazy and prompt people to ask what we both were on...gee, crack and saccharine?)

So for a week, I had funny images and situtations of our beloved creature in my head. And these are the result... Happy Reading! - CAZ/Greyhame

ps. For the non Middle Earth denizen, Balrog is the creature that Gandalf fought in Fellowship of the Ring, hence the pic. And no...we don't look alike but if sleepy, sluggish and pissed I can probably be its twin.


BALRUGAN - Isang uri ng pagkatha ng mga salitang nauukol sa katangian ng isang BALROG.

BALROG - Isang nilalalang na ubod ng kasamaan na nababalot sa apoy, may pakpak, sungay at may hawak na latigo. Nakatira sa ilalim ng Moria. (di sya cute)

BORLOG - Sleeping BALROG in the Cinema

BUANG - BALROG na natawa at nawala sa sarili

BUGAK (1) - Ang paghalakhak ng BALROG na Katawag pansin

BARLA - ang BALROG na nangwawarla

BARLUSH - BALROG na Bading (minsan may shades of Purple)

BAR - Kung Saan sila nagtitipon

BING - ang pagtatawag ng 2 bading na BARLOG

BOKYA - Barlog na nabuko sa kakapanggap

BONNGA - Balrog na tanga!

BAKTOL - Balrog na tumira ng katol

BANTHA - Isang nilalang na walang kinalaman sa Barlog. (dahil Star Wars yun, engot!)

BARLOW - Apelyidong pangtao na gamit ng isang Balrog pag nasa mundo ng tao. (naging Boy Band at one point in the 90's)

BULKAN - Isang typo na nangyayari sa pagmamadali ng pag-type ng isang Balrog sa makinilya. Ibang nilalang kasi. (Star Trek reference: Di maarok ang matalas na tenga) - Balrog shakes head.

BELAT - Ang stretch marks sa puson ng isang Balrog na nanganak.

BLAG - Isang nadapa na Balrog

BLABAG - Ang nadapang Balrog na may nadaganan. (Maari kapwa Balrog din)

BLAGABAG - Ang pagbagsak ng mga gamit tulad ng Ref, malaking Plasma TV, Aircon, Tall Bookshelves, at anumang malapit o katabing gusali mula sa BLAG o BLABAG ng isang Balrog. (Hayop!)

BALABAL - Scarf ng Balrog (di magamit, laging sunog)

BAYOT - Balrog na mahilig sa iyot. (Halay!)

BALWA - Balrog na nakatingin sa KAWALAN

BALURA - Balrog na nagmumura

BAKTONG - Balrog na bakat ang utong. (Ouch, maapoy!)

BALUWA - Balrog na luwa ang dibdib (wow laki)

BALIKO - Balrog na mahilig maglaro ng piko.

BALTIK - Balrog na may alagang Itik.

BANTOG - Balrog na nauntog. (laki kasi)

BATIK - Balrog na Adik

BATING - Balrog na nakalulon ng kuting. (uy si ALF!)

BANLAG - Balrog na nalaglag. (sa puno?)

BALMANG - Balrog na Timang

BORAT - Balrog na maarat. (Huh? May lahing Hapon)

BUGAK (2) - Balrog na namutla sa pagputi ng Uwak


Monday, June 25, 2007

Which Sci-Fi/Fantasy Character are You?

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
I Got ARAGORN.... :)

Putting your appointed path ahead of any inner conflicts, you make your own rules for the benefit of all.

If my life or death I can protect you, I will.

Aragorn is a character in the Middle-Earth universe. There is a description of him at

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary - Anne Rice Philippines

Greetings fellow Vamps, Witches, Taltoses, Rowans, Julien and Mona Mayfairs....
It's our 2nd year anniversary today and I cannot help but be happy, thankful not to mention grateful for all the love and support that I have received from our group. I remember thinking back then why there seems to be no local representation for Anne and her works here in the country as I was sure that most of us were in hiding.
The thought lingered until the 3rd Fantasy/Sci-Fi Convention which was a 2-day event held at the Glorietta activity area. Coming into contact with fellow lovers of the genre and other members (including leaders) of fan based groups, brought out the epiphany and propelled me to start the group via yahoo groups as most of the other organizations have done so.
With my fingers pulsing with excitement and enthusiasm I quickly set up the yahoo account for the group and started texting people I knew and also some of my trainees about the group and how my love for Anne led me to what I did.
Some would respond and said it they would join, others quickly snatched up the opportunity to be one of the first to sign up while others hovered indecisively and wanted to know more about Anne before doing so. But regardless of the journey and although some would protest that its much more important that the intended destination, our 2 year anniversary is a testament to how much Anne's works are loved, cherished, thought-of, studied and talked about.
In time, we became the living embodiment of her words, her characters and how each and every one of them has touched upon our psyche and allowed us to respond and even identify with their quirks and fancies. 2 years after...I wouldn't have thought to sustain it thus far and I have each and ever one of you to thank for it.
From listening to my site how a lot of you came to our defense when we were attacked and then moved on knowing that we are far better than most who choose to detract rather than to contribute. So much and still more will happen in the next year or even next set of 2 years as we mark our anniversary with the accomplishments that we have done and the friends and brethren groups that we have aligned with and come to consider family, like the New Worlds Alliance, Powerbooks.
For that and more, I thank you for fuelling my dream and yours.
Here's to our 2nd year and more to come....
Raise thy glasses in celebration and in recognition....
Vamps and Witches, WE rule this day and this night.....
Love, Blood & Blessings,
aka. David Talbot
Scribe of the Coven

Saturday, May 12, 2007

What If the Lord of The Rings" were a Pinoy Movie?

What If the Lord of The Rings" were a Pinoy Movie? 
1. There would be a Lord of The Rings... The Reunion (Happily Ever After).
2. The actor playing Aragorn would run for presidency and win in a major landslide.
3. The Hobbits would be played by the likes of Dagul, Mahal, Mura, & certain people from 
    Malacanang and the Senate.
4. A scene would go like:
Sam: Itahpon moh nah ang singsing!!!!!
Frodo: Hindeh!!! Akhin itoh!!!
Sam: Ngunit...Datapwat...Subalit...Bagkus.... 
5. The trailers would run for 30 minutes and reveal the whole plot of the movies (sinabi na lahat).
6. There would be a close-up shot of Aragorn and Eowyn, and in the background; 
     a song by the Air Supply. ("I can see the pain living in your eyes...")
7. Everyone would cry in buckets including Sauron (for FAMAS moments).
8. Arwen: Itay, i-reforge mo ang Narsil (hikbi).
     Elrond: Hindi pwede... Mas magastos, bili na lang tayo ng bago.
9. In order to promote the movie, the actors would be seen singing and shaking their booties 
    in noontime variety shows, which makes you wonder about the meaning of "talent".
    Host: Why don't you invite everyone to watch your movie, pala?
    Actor 1: Oo nga pala, I'd like to invite everyone to watch my movie,
                 The Lord of The Rings. I play an orc here...
    Actor 2: I play an Uruk-hai naman and please don't forget we have a promotional tour sa ESEM Bacolor, ESEM Pampanga, 
                ESEM Basilan, ESEM Timbuktu... 
    The cast members will have promo in the different noon time shows - sasayaw, kakanta at sasali sa mga games ng show! 
     Di pa natuwa sa noon time show, may mall tour pa!  
10. Sa talk show naman, sasabihin ng bida: "Actually ako ang gumanap sa lahat ng action scenes. Wala nag akong ka-double e. 
        Nahirapan talaga ako. Kaya nga magandang-maganda itong palabas na ito!"
11. The theme song would be "It Might Be You" (in tagalog version) or "I'll Be" (also in tagalog version). 
12. Siyempre kailangan din may scene na kakanta at sasayaw ang mga hobbits o ang Fellowship complete with back-up dancers to the tune of "Sumayaw, Sumunod"! 
      A Pinoy film wouldn't be complete without a musical interlude. So, true to its original form, 
     the Pinoy LOTR would have a big musical interlude right at the very end of the film, 
      where everyone  -- including the orcs and   Sauron -- would have a musical number, complete with dancing. 
 13. After the awards season, some sort of anomaly will occur regarding the undeserving actor/actress/film 
      who won the award, complete with crying in Sunday afternoon talk shows, and getting other stars' opinions 
      on the matter, and of course, another teary-eyed public reconciliation.
14. The usual heavy breathing scenes in pinoy films; Like when Elrond & Aragorn are talking in the Rohan encampment, 
      their breaths could be heard even in the popcorn stand.
 15. There would be sampalan moments in the film. Oh, yes. 
       They would alter the storyline so that Arwen would meet up with Eowyn 
       and they'd have a sampalan scene while Aragorn looks on, looking quite smug. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What Your Name Means

Like Someone I know....didn't disclose her full name....:)

There are 13 letters in your name.
Those 13 letters total to 59
There are 5 vowels and 8 consonants in your name.

What your first name means:

Spanish Female Honorable.

Latin Female Diminutive of Catherine: Pure, clear. Form of the Latin 'Katharina', from the Greek 'Aikaterina'. It was borne by a number of saints, including St Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century martyr who suffered torture on a spiked wheel.

Irish Male Observant; alert; vigorous. Famous Bearer: radio personality and voice of 'Scooby-Doo' (cartoon dog) Casey Kasem.

Irish Female Brave; Vigilant.

Greek Female Honorable. Biblical; acacia wood was used to build the wilderness Tabernacle.

Gaelic Male Brave.
Gaelic Female Brave.

French Female Diminutive of Catherine: Pure, clear. Form of the Latin Katharina, from the Greek Aikaterina.

English Male From a polish word meaning 'Proclamation of peace.' A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. Popularized as a boy's name by the American folk song 'Casey Jones'.

English Female Diminutive of Cassandra: Cassandra was a Trojan prophetess, daughter of King Priam. This name became popular in medieval Britain, and fashionable in the USA in the mid-2Oth century. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Cathedne.

Celtic Male Brave.

Biblical Female Refers to the Biblical acacia wood that was used to build the wilderness Tabernacle.

Your number is: 5

The characteristics of #5 are: Expansiveness, visionary, adventure, the constructive use of freedom.

The expression or destiny for #5:
The number 5 Expression endows with the wonderful characteristic of multi-talents and versatility. You can do so many things well. The tone of the number 5 is constructive freedom, and in your drive to attain this freedom, you will likely be the master of adaptability and change. You are good at presenting ideas and knowing how to approach people to get what you want. Naturally, this gives you an edge in any sort of selling game and spells easy success when it comes to working with people in most jobs. Your popularity may lead you toward some form of entertainment or amusement. Whatever you do, you are clever, analytical, and a very quick thinker.

If there is too much of the 5 energy in your makeup, you may express some the negative attitudes of the number. Your restless and impatient attitude may keep you from staying with any project for too long. Sometimes you can be rather erratic and scatter yourself and your energies. You have a hard time keeping regular office hours and maintaining any sort of a routine. You tend to react strongly if you sense that your freedom of speech or action is being impaired or restricted in any way. As clever as you are, you may have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again because much of your response is glib reaction rather that thoughtful application. You are in a continuous state of flux brought by constantly changing interests.

Your Soul Urge number is: 5

A Soul Urge number of 5 means:
The 5 soul urge or motivation would like to follow a life of freedom, excitement, adventure and unexpected happening. The idea of travel and freedom to roam intrigues you. You are very much the adventurer at heart. Not particularly concerned about your future or about getting ahead, you can seem superficial and unmotivated.

In a positive sense, the energies of the number 5 make you very adaptable and versatile. You have a natural resourcefulness and enthusiasm that may mark you as a progressive with a good mind and active imagination. You seem to have a natural inclination to be a pace-setter. You are attracted to the unusual and the fast paced.

You may be overly restless and impatient at times. You may dislike the routine work that you are engaged in, and tend to jump from activity to activity, without ever finishing anything. You may have difficulty with responsibility. You don't want to be tied down to a relationship, and it may be hard to commit to one person.

Your Inner Dream number is: 9

An Inner Dream number of 9 means:
You dream of being creative, intellectual, and universal; the selfless humanitarian. You understand the needy and what to help them. You would love to be a person people count on for support and advice.

Take the test at this site:

Another Life Traveller has passed on...Mommy Ellen Supan

No matter how many people we know from either family or friends who have passed away and moved on to better, greener and peaceful pastures, it doesn't make it any easier when the person is someone you know and someone whom much good times and laughter were attributed to.

Such is our mommy, as our batch-mate in the call center industry call her..Mommy Ellen.

She never made any qualms about who she is, being a single mother, where she came from and what she must do to earn her keep and support herself and her family. When asked she would lay it to you straight and unblemished. One who calls a spade a spade; one who would not sugarcoat things for you. That was how she was a friend and perhaps one who as a mother bore the burden of either to shield her child from the harsh realities of this world and let him discover things on his own or just simply lay it to him straight and head on.

The training sessions were always a hoot for jokes that someone cracked would either be met with full opposition from her as being to risque even for her liberal sensibilities, or added with a touch of her own that would send the occupants of the entire room rolling on the floor and in stitches. She, for us, used the word "Chenelyn" profusely when everyone was just discovering the word to themselves. Her adeptness with gay linggo was just uncanny which makes one marvel at the extent of the kinds of people she meets along the way; imbibe it and makes their quirks as her own.

I also remember telling her about my project at embarking or attempting to write a Fantasy novel. And having shown her my draft, hounded me to no end to finish it. As I am still in the process of finishing it, her presence at being one of the very first people who read and supported my work will always be with me.

She will be dearly missed but fondly remembered.

Mommy Ellen...fellow Life Traveller....Travel the new roads with love, sense of accomplishment
and knowledge that we who are left behind were at one point in our lives graced with your presence; your zest for life; your laughter; your smile; your criticism; your support and your acceptance.

We love you and miss you...Till we embark on the same roads again... Blessed Be!

Friday, April 27, 2007

The HEROES Personality Test - Which one are You?

Nathan Petrelli

I'm a shark, Pete.
Congratulaions, you're Nathan Petrelli! You've got all the qualities of a stereotypical politician. You're ambitious, practical, and you've got more than a healthy sex drive. Still, as much you want to succeed in your field, you don't enjoy the attention that comes from being "different", and you are willing to lie to fit the image you want to present. Your worst quality: Ambition--you will make your way to the top of any career. Your worst quality: Anything for the votes--you will do whatever it takes.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 1% on Idealism

You scored higher than 3% on Nonconformity

You scored higher than 5% on Nerdiness

The Heroes Personality Test

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Silence of the Lambs

Genre: Horror
You scored as Hannibal Lecter. You are very refined and cultured, and extremely intelligent, but watch out. You have a darker side people don't always see, and can be downright nasty if people rub you the wrong way.

Hannibal Lecter


Norma Desmond


Dorothy Gale


Amélie Poulain


James Bond


Frodo Baggins


Rick Blaine


Darth Vader


Jefferson Smith


Dolly Levi


What Iconic Movie Character Are You?
created with

Another X-MEN Quiz

You scored as Jean Grey. Jean Grey is likely the most powerful X-Man. She loves Cyclops very much but she has a soft spot for Wolverine. She's psychic so she can sense how others are feeling and tries to help them. She also has to control her amazing powers or the malevolent Phoenix entity could take control of her and wreak havok. Powers: Telekinetic, Telepathic

Jean Grey
















Emma Frost






Most Comprehensive X-Men Personality Quiz 2.0
created with

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chat with JULIANNE; New Artist on the Block

Some people say
that artists are a dime a dozen. But if you are lucky some dimes just shine
more brightly than others. Such is the case for me when I recently interviewed
Julianne on my shift at Dream FM, 106.7

She came in towards my 2nd hour and having
to both interview her and prepare for the materials for the next day’s segment
show, “Soul Candy”, my nerves were frazzled. But being the trooper that I am, I
rose to the occasion and met with her.

What immediately drew me to Julianne is her immediate
and truthful sense of self; from her early days of singing in bands, doing
session work for artists like Gary Valenciano, Jay-R to traveling to
Japan to perform for fellow Filipinos and Japanese
nationals alike. Julianne is one person who didn’t have any airs and comes from
the space of simply an artist who wanted to share her views and music to the

Among her musical influences she cites are Jill Scott,
India Arie, Eryka Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Incognito. There are more artists that have truly caught her musical ear but this has only
contributed to the richness of her own music.

She also shares the same views as I did about how the
local music industry as thriving as it is, still needed new blood and new
singer/songwriters, for the scene seemed to be dominated by bands once more and
some times a single, solitary voice espousing their own form of realization of
truth through music can be heard as effectively or even much more loudly than a rock

There is a fine line that an artist treads in
addressing both what they feel from the wellspring of themselves and what they
see around them as a member of society. Julianne is also incongruence to this
fine line and hopes that thru her music, she would be able to do just that.
Truly a breath of fresh air, not to mention, soul coming to breathe anew in the
local music scene. One artist we would want to see evolve as she goes on
perfecting her craft.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anne Rice Philippines February 3, 2007 -Gathering Report



And lo and behold there were 3.


3 for the standard number of meals a day an average human consumes; 3 for the Divine Trinity espoused by Catholicism and other religious dogmas; 3 for the sides of an Isosceles triangle; 3 for the fictitious and yet interesting bond of magically gifted siblings destined to protect and world. But in our case, 3 for the very successful 3rd Gathering we had recently on February 3, 2007 at the activity center of Powerbooks Megamall which featured the 3rd book in the Vampire Chronicles, Queen of the Damned.


 There were of course more than 3 Vampires in attendance, which accounted for its success. I arrived close to the designated time of 6pm at the central activity area with Rubymae, my colleague at DWIZ in tow. Having come from the talk show we do together, we were rushing and fearing at the same time that we wouldn’t have ample time to have the tables set and the mandatory props all in place before other members arrive.


We were pleased however, and much to our delight and surprise, to find that upon arriving, the center table was already laid with a basic white cloth on it and a similarly red cloth for accent and contrast. Anne’s books on loan from Powerbooks that day were also placed on the table. We quickly started putting on the additional props that I brought, from votive candles to incense to my Vampire Companion book along with my Athame and Vampire goblet, which became the objects of covetousness for the entire duration of the Gathering.


Jermaine, better known on the boards as Jestat was the first to arrive along with his girlfriend Marilyn. Almost immediately he quickly shared his impassioned declaration about Anne and his association with a local group that unfortunately had disbanded called The Talamasca, named after Anne’s fictional Order of Psychic Detectives that figure prominently in the Lives of the Mayfair Witches. In the midst of sharing, a girl strolled along the table and looked at the books quizzically and politely inquired about the purpose of this assembly. I told her that it was a gathering of our group and we were expecting the others to arrive. I invited her to join and like Jestat, Maria quickly expressed her gladness at having come to the bookstore and merely browse and chanced upon our Gathering.


Maria already saw the arrangements earlier and was curious to see what the fuss was all about and simply returned when she saw people seated. She was a UP graduate of Creative writing and started reading Anne when she saw a copy of The Vampire Lestat in the school library. She added that it was recommended to her by friends earlier but didn’t want to be pushed to reading recommended books up until she felt she was ready for it. Shortly, our Vampire Bianca in the person of Lynn arrived in pure Vampiric fashion with laced white blouse and a trench coat at that. She equally shared that she didn’t read the Vampire Chronicles in their written order but started with the 5th Chronicle, Memnoch the Devil, and after that was hooked and devoured the Chronicles as a hungry Immortal would at the sight of blood. Her hardcover of Queen was equally worthy of attention.


Abby, a fellow member from the resident Megamall Powerbooks Book club also happened to stroll along the area and subsequently joined us. Boots, our Vampire Jesse, soon came afterward and I felt that slowly the Gathering of Immortals was starting to take shape as each member took turns introducing themselves and how they began with Anne. The same cycle continued when Beng, Boots sister came shortly afterwards.


 I remember that as more and more people joined, I would have to ask the store personnel to add more chairs to our growing assembly. I found this rather amusing and lost count as to how many times I had to do that. Soon thereafter more members from Lynn’s group, Talamasca started to arrive. There was Rich, our Louis Pointe duLac, a tall and dark brooding figure replete with the Brad Pitt hair and mysterious but alluring charm; Earl, a television segment producer for Studio 23 came; and Art who according to Lynn was the fledgling of another fledgling. I couldn’t be happier at the thought as I was growing ever more ecstatic seeing the gradual increase in our numbers.


Soon the discussion took place and everyone on hand pretty much agreed that the Third Chronicle was a quick read and that at the time of its publication and reading, most of the members felt an affirmation for kinship as the Immortals grouped in Maharet’s Sonoma compound as they await and prepare for the cataclysmic confrontation between Akasha & Lestat. Akasha’s plan of eradicating the male species just to liberate the females and to have them rule the world was certainly not agreeable to all. I pointed out that Akasha seem to embody traits of a Nihilist and that she was only acting upon a knee-jerk reaction. In fact most of the vampires in Anne’s books do.


Maria added and pointed out, that Akasha being a unique embodiment of that could not find any reason to see the world otherwise, as being uncivilized and deserving to be punished for she was not of this world. She slept for centuries with only Marius taking care of her and so didn’t know how to participate and be existent in the modern times. She was not given the chance to adapt nor did she seek that option out.


It was never decided whether it was either an option that Akasha felt she didn’t have or simply the desperation to cling to any form of truth was so dire in the presence of its absence for her and therefore clouded her mind to everything else. And having deemed also of her purpose as her true calling, men to her were regarded as lesser beings. This then allowed Rubymae, our newly christened, Mona Mayfair to quip her famous line for the night, “Men are Dogs.” And she would repeatedly drop her famous line at strategic points in the conversation, which had every vampire at the table laugh to their hearts content and quickly endear her to the group evermore. Truly, Mona in all her glory and precocity.


           Akasha like the vampires in Anne’s books are a metaphor for outsiders; for those who felt estranged from life and see no worthy purpose for it. How many of us at one point in our lives felt distant towards a person; a situation; one that clearly defines our participation and yet all we see is our need for detachment. Could it perhaps be an automatic trigger mechanism built in the human psyche that man distances himself almost automatically from situations that he feels he cannot control or simply unpalatable to what he has been predisposed to? If that was the case, then Anne clearly understood perfectly how it meant to be on the outside; for to be on the outside meant, objectivity. It meant seeing the situation for what it can be and not merely for what it is.


Lestat, in his own impetuosity and charm, sees his situation for what he wants and any regrets to be made or analysis of the consequences are made after the deed is done. Not before. He wanted to be a shining symbol of evil out to do good in the modern world. It is indeed no surprise why he is called the Brat Prince. And in his impulsiveness to make a name for himself in the public amidst warning from the Elders, clearly demonstrates how much of a human trait that is; to which the group readily and equally agreed. It is a trait that we at one point in our lives exhibited. And more often than not, it has gotten us into trouble. No different than the Brat Prince himself.


These ideas and more were at the heart of the discussion as the flow of topics would digress every so now and then but not before finding itself falling into place once more as the Gathering soon reached its climax.


In celebration of our recent induction into the New Worlds Alliance, I decided to raffle off some items for the group. Most of the members got the groups newly designed button pins but the luckier ones like Earl got a copy of Anne’s documentary, Birth of the Vampire and Rich, a copy of the audiobook of Interview With The Vampire which incidentally was the book that started his devotion to Anne. After that the group soon knew that the time had come to wrap up the Gathering as Powerbooks started to announce that it would be closing soon for the day. And so a quick Photo op was put together before we concluded the night’s Gathering.


It was a success by past standards and by sheer attendance of the Coven members, which totaled 12. But it was also a success from the point of all members giving their time freely by attending, discussing and simply sharing the effect that Anne had on them when they began reading her.


This incidentally also coincides with the very purpose on which the group was formed and that is to create and foster awareness for Anne and also for the value of reading, per se. All members of the Coven agree that reading at an early age enriches one’s vocabulary and also one’s sense of self. And if each member is able to embody that, be an unspoken role model for that cause and in turn affect one another and create the very same ripple effect on the next person within radius then we will have been truly successful. Not just for readers of Anne’s work but as individuals striving to create a difference in one’s life and in the lives of other people, through the personification of Anne’s myriad of reflective and flawed characters; the very reflection of the complex human being. 



                                                                                    Aka. DAVID TALBOT

                                                                                      Scribe of the Coven

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thoughts on ROD-Con 2007

            When I heard last year that there would be a reader’s convention this year, I was ecstatic. I was told that it was going to be the first and therefore for bibliophiles like me it was going to be an “event”. Together with that, I was also in the midst of getting “accreditation” with my own book club, “Anne Rice Philippines”. I didn’t think much of it and so these two situations were moving simultaneously as the 2006 was nearing its end.


            Fast forward to now, my group has finally gotten the accreditation that I was working on with its recent induction into the New World Alliance and the Reader’s conference was scheduled on the same day as my vampiric gathering at Powerbooks. I was torn between rescheduling the gathering in order to be there. But crestfallen as I was, I was quickly relieved to know that the Read or Die Convention was a two-day event. This meant that I get to my have my cake and eat it two; which is more than most we at times get to have in this life.


            Going with 3 members of my Coven on the 2nd day, the function room of the Intercon in Makati became a room of readers, publishers, enthusiasts and hopefuls. Some were there to rake on possible discounted finds. Some were there to attend and listen to the insightful words of wisdom if not inspiration and harsh realism from several keynote speakers. Some like me just felt they had to be there regardless what the day’s stay would yield and be present for what the event is. Lucky for me, that worked because I got to listen to Filipino author, F.Sionil Jose talk about the value of Literature, as its presence must once more be felt in the educational system and in local society. I got to boost the presence of my group, by setting up Anne’s books in the Alliance table and had two 2 newbies interested to sign-up. Along with that I got some vindication for my group, just the day after our successful gathering, by answering a question about Anne and her works during a Q& A portion and win a free book as well. And when the host announced over the PA system, “Oh, the Anne Rice people are here”, all fatigue and exhaustion from the day before simply evaporated from my system and I was dazed all day long.


            Immediately I forgot my earlier complaint of not having enough sleep the week before (then again, when did I ever) but being in the room with like-minded people whose own level of interest, devotion and fanaticism equals your own just made everything complete for me that Sunday and made me care less about what I was whining about earlier and what would non-enthusiasts say about the time I spend in events like these. (I get my share of those as well)



But for what its worth, I’m glad that I was there. Not just for the group but also for the purpose I have in creating my group in the first place. That is to foster awareness for the benefits of reading. If you had known me growing up, I was never the person who couldn’t leave the house or go out without a book in tow. Heck, I couldn’t even finish a chapter then. When I would carry one back then it was for show. I knew that I liked having a book in my hands but that’s just about it. It was only after being a given a book on my birthday and committing myself to it, did I find it a surprising and rewarding venture.


So is this a mission that I have now; a quest to silence the crying of lambs in the cold winter’s night like detective Clarice Starling as each cry of a lamb represents the unsatisfied hunger of a literature-deprived individual? Or is it also because of being a Trainer, I saw and heard with own eyes and ears the startling result of a compromised education compounded with a lack of confidence and surety?


I know that there are equally many out there who feels the same way as I do. That if children these days were given the opportunities that our parents gave us, perhaps the next generation of thinkers would become do-ers. That the principles that they espouse be that which both defines and exemplifies their lives which in turn helps and spurns on others to do the same. Henceforth, a ripple effect is thus established.


And being thus characterized, who is to say where it begins and where it ends and in what form does it come and go?


And so having come to terms with that and with this event having ended, I’m bracing myself for another whirlwind of focused devotion and attention as the Alliance works its butt off for the upcoming 5th Annual Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention this coming July.


            The cycle has been finished only to yield another one to complete and take its place, pretty much like the ripples in the water.


            In short, the work has not ended as it has only begun.


            To the CON, my brothers and sisters…


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Congragulations to Anne Rice Philippines - We're Inducted!!!

Greetings Fellow Vamps,

Good news!!! We're finally part of the New Worlds Alliance!!! This is
the alliance of fantasy and sci-fi groups in the country. Among the
known and veteran groups that we are proud to call brethren are Star
Wars Philippines, Philippine Tolkien Society, CharmedPinoy, Pinoy
Harry Potter, Philippine Order of Narnians, Star Trek Philippines,
CSI Phils, Philippine Highlander Society, among others.

This is great for visibility and accreditation for our coven.

As one of the goals that I ideally envision for our coven group is to
promote awareness not just for Anne and her works but also for
reading in general.

Sad to say that some of the newer generation feel that the only form
of media that should be catered to and holds the highest values of
education and sense of aesthetics are what they see in local
television. They have lost the appetite for knowledge and information
as most is spoonfed to the general populace these days.

Let's work together to not only foster that awareness but also be a
living example to those souls who are on the quest for self
development and improvement.

And what better guide than us, the Coven of the Articulate. :)

Will keep u all posted on further developments and plans for our
Coven to thrive and flourish.

Thank you for being patient.

Much love.

Blood & Blessings,

CAZ. aka. David Talbot :)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Name Acronym Generator


Now I'm just sharing what the site says...this ain't a narcissistic vein rising to the surface.

Take the test and see for yourself...