Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon Premiere- CAZ

How does one get ready for the most anticipated movie of the season?

Well, apart from reading the book and buying the merchandise, you wear it on you and attend the 1st day screening. That’s what I felt when I recently hosted and attended the first day opening of NEW MOON. Rushing to Greenbelt 3 for the event, I considered myself to be well armed as I was wearing my favorite Twilight shirt that read “I am Jacob’s IMPRINT”. I figured that would get me some Wolf points among the pack or at least create some attention for myself.

As I got there, the theatre lobby was already packed with people waiting for the next scheduled screening and the Cinema 3 lobby was already teeming with youngsters all waiting for the doors to be opened. But lucky for them members of Twilight Coven PH were on hand to entertain and keep their energies up. With a brief introduction from Mabs and Meanne about my voice-over contribution to the Twilight “DANAG” Podcast, I quickly jumped into the fray.

We played about 3 games with each game designed to test a fan’s true knowledge of the series; from re-enacting 5 Key Scenes in the book as effectively and creatively possible, to guessing the titles of the songs featured in both movie soundtracks, to the classic “Bring Me” game that got them rummaging into their bags to bring the required New Moon and Twilight items. The games soon made me aware that my own breadth of “research” was not enough and that for the life of me I couldn’t remember a specific passage taken from the book, unless I read it again. This was bad. And I call myself well-armed. Nonetheless the games ended and the crowd was made to queue outside the cinema as I, Meanne, Mabs and the rest of the Twilight Coven went inside the cinema to get ready.

Before the film, another round of raffle and games was made. There were some who won free copies of New Moon, Twilight, Eclipse, The Host and the “Edward” action figure. Along with the games, celebrity hosts JM Rodgriguez and Geneva Cruz were introduced to promote the evening’s succeding event following the screening, which was the launch of FIZZER.COM; the country’s newest social networking site. And this was to be done at Capone’s located in A-venue along Makati Avenue where I-pods and other goodies were to be raffled.

After the games and thanking the sponsors once again, the movie started off without a hitch. I felt it was a little longer than Twilight & I liked it better. Is it a reflection of the progression in Meyer’s storyline or a male director just certainly has different styles as compared to a female director?

That question of course is for another blog entry but on a whole, I felt that second film was a wonderful vehicle for the Wolf Pack to get star billing and attention while the Cullen vampires took the backseat and allowed some spotlight sharing with the La Push denizens. But whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, the true stars of the night were the fans who would squeel and holler at key points in the film, knowing that there are 2 more films on the way where they can scream, squeel to their hearts content and bond together like a Pack!

Monday, November 9, 2009

CAZ on MTV EMERGE! - Pls Vote

Hope ya guys can check out my single and vote for it on the MTV EMERGE website.

Thanks in advance. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Buffy's "Cordy" on Legend Of The Seeker- Season 2

Our beloved Cordy has left Sunnydale and joined the battle of the Midlands and D'harans in the TV Series, Legend of the Seeker. The series based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind, begins it's Second Season (yes!) on November 7 in the US.

From the pic she is playing Triana, a Mord-Sith; an extraordinary race of women impervious to magic (as magic casted on them is reverted back to the source) and delights in inflicting pain and torture. They were the "lackeys" of Season 1's bad guy, Darken Rahl. Her character joins the show in the season premiere.

Season 2 is based on the second novel of the series, Stone of Tears; while Season 1 was based on book one which was Wizard's 1st rule. :)