Thursday, July 15, 2010

After watching....LOVELY BONES- 7-11-2010

       They say that once that you have been touched by death, you will carry its taint forever and will always be marked by it. No matter how long ago it has been.

        It’s been almost 3 years since Dad passed away and there is not one day that I don’t remember and mention him in my prayers and thank him for the life that I live when I begin and end each and every working day.

Watched LOVELY BONES Dvd tonight and seeing how the character’s soul tried to communicate with members of her family to help piece the clues to her murder; how she would shout from the beyond to let her Dad hear her; I am reminded for the times when I would hear my Dad’s voice in my head, how he would call me when he was still around. Sometimes it would be a whisper either to give me strength if not a reminder, for doing something that I already know would not do me any good.

It would be an echo that would ring in my head and would stop me dead in my tracks, freeze me into a state of complete and utter stoppage that I would immediately desist in whatever activity I would be engaged in; even for a few seconds. In those times, I feel like I am transported back into my home when I was a child, with only his voice echoing throughout the walls.

Before I go to sleep tonight, I felt like it was 2007 all over again and my tears flow and continue to streak down my face and cheeks as I write this on a notepad, later to be transcribed on my laptop...

Although seeing the scenes of the afterlife depicted in the film reminded me of a film that I loved some years back entitled, What Dreams May Come, I couldn't help but think how it was for my Father when he translated to a higher plane and how much he wanted to convey his messages to us; his continued dreams for us the living members of his family.

I am prodded to ask then what exactly a soul’s dream is when it starts its human and physical existence here on Earth. Is it merely to experience the sensations of a physical and material universe? Or is it to bring back to the afterlife what it has learned here on Earth and add it to the nature and evolution of the Universe.

Could Dad like me, be jotting down the notes of his life, chronicling them day by day and later to be submitted for its revision, if not, approval which is not far from a being a corporate report on meetings that most of us be required to do on certain days of the week?

Its pensive moments like these that I am reminded to take note and take stock of the life that I lead; not in anticipation of the life that follows this but to fill the notepads of our lives so that when called upon to share, we may each do our part and add to the essence of the Universe.

Then again, how can we not?

For we are part of it and comes from it; the parts of a whole learning to do its part, perform the role it has been created for; before returning to the whole to complete the entire picture.

Thank you Dad for my life.

Thank you Universe for giving me life.

Thank you Life for the days that I learn to spend my Love and in Wisdom.

Thank you to the mediums that have come and continue to come into my life so that I may attain and further myself along this life’s journey to achieve one’s Highest Good, and be in touch with my Higher Self.

Blessed Be!