Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Premiered my 1st single- HELPLESS

Played my first single, HELPLESS, over the AM talk show I host over the weekend with our Ms. World (and fabulous b-day celebrant), Evangeline Pascual.

Thank you to those who were able to tune in that day. I must say it felt like I've taken a big step, with regards to achieving my dream of making my own record. Those who know me, know that it's a longtime dream; and certainly one that was long in the making.

Bittersweet that Dad's not around to share this but I know that wherever he is, he's partying along with me and breaking out the cases of champagne and Chardonnay & smiling down at me, knowing that it is in his memory that I am living my life; fulfilling my dream and paying it forward in every way that I can.

Incidentally, I do have a song for Dad in the album and I'm expecting the album to come out late January 2009 or early Feb. Still got a little over a couple of songs to work on but the process of creating, birthing an idea and putting it to melody and words just keeps ongoing and never stops.

I'm grateful for the creative process and for the people that shared it with me as I work on this and envision the day that  when the album comes out, people will know that a new voice has surfaced and one that hopes and aspires to be heard.

And upon hearing it, will join me in raising awareness and pay it forward.

Because we are never helpless...only in the mind are we truly so....

Blessed Be!!!