Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tragic BATMAN film screening. Reel to Real Life...

Unless one has been purposely evading tweet feeds and spoilers for the final installment of the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, one would've been successfull to a certain degree. But you nees not evade the shocking and tragic shooting at an evening screening of the said film in Aurora, Colorado, following the homicidal rampage of a man entering the cinema and openly fired on the audience after hurtling a canister of tear gas into the cinema.

Painfully echoing the school shooutout in Columbine, some years back, the man named James E. Holmes, wearing protective bulletproof gear, casually strode in through the exit door of the cinema, claimed that he was the Joker and began to fire at the audience.

So far 12 have died from that incident and several are wounded.

Much has been reported about the man, his motives and even the parallels to earlier tragic shootouts in nearby Denver but there are no words for the unnecessary and painful tragic loss of life from a simple act of bonding, watching a movie knowing that a hero comes to save the day in the film.

But sadly there is no hero in this real life crime. And like Columbine, most are getting more questions than answers.