Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Geeking over Thor 2: The Dark World teaser

Everyone who knows me know how much I loved Thor 1. It was a movie that made me love Asgard and all its glory and one that had elements of life and paternal obligations that are very close to my heart.

Given its success despite what some others may thought to be a clunky movie, I knew that a sequel was inevitable and it would be only a matter of time, when I shall re-visit the Asgardian contingent and be swept away once more.

The entire cast returns for a second outing inspite of the changes made from the director to the eventual casting of Fandral.  Doctor Who veteran, Chris Eccleston is set to play the Dark elf, Malekith, who is this movie's Big Bad. Directed by Game of Thrones director, Alan Taylor, I am sure that he will bring a new dynamic to the movie.

Here is the teaser trailer for the sequel that will open in November. Time to geek out. I know I did! :)